A portfolio to illustrate my skills, interests and projects

Hi, my name is Carlin Desautels and I'm all about software development, I specialized in developing open source technologies. I pursued this passion in my degree and I continue to do so in my interests and hobbies. My work ranges from single page web apps to experience working on enterprise scale platforms and device drivers.


Resourceful and creative individual who is hungry to take on new challenges and goals. Making use of my knowledge of svn, git mercurial and team foundation, which compliments my familiarity with C, C++, C#, ObjC, javascript, java.


Volunteering at my local church, and Seneca’s FSOSS. During free time personal fitness, downhill skiing and video games. At home Magic the Gathering and Diablo 3 are my games.


Bachelor of Technology, focus in Software Development: 2011 - Present

Computer Programming and Analysis Diploma: 2007 - 2011

These are what I am currently working on and some notable projects I have finished, in my spare time or while being paid.

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